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Podlove Webplayer can be integrated in different ways. We provide the always latest version via CDN or all versions as an npm package.


The easiest way to integrate the player is to simply integrate this script in your page:

For https context:

<script src=""></script>

For http context:

<script src=""></script>

Afterwards podlovePlayer should be available on the window object:

podlovePlayer('#example', '/path/to/podcast/definition/or/object');

Please be aware to not set reference.base because this will break the binding to the cdn.


If you want to serve a special player version you can find the player as the npm package @podlove/podlove-web-player.

To integrate the player you first have to install tha package:

npm install @podlove/podlove-web-player --save

Afterwards move the player assets to a public folder of some webserver. By default the player will try to load further chunks from the webserver base. If the player files are located in a subpath you have to adapt the reference.base accordingly (see [config]({{ $withBase('config.html') }})