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Podlove Publisher behavior can be modified using PHP constants. There are various places where you can set these. If you are unsure, wp-config.php is a good place, above the line /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */.

PODLOVE_TEMPLATE_CACHESet to false to disable template caches. This will significantly increase response times for websites and feeds but might be acceptable if a page cache is used.
PODLOVE_IMAGE_CACHE_FORCE_DYNAMIC_URLWhen set to true, the static "physical" URL is never exposed, only the dynamic URL. This can be helpful when page caches keep serving the static URL even though it does not exist for some reason. The dynamic URL always works. Drawback is that serving with the dynamic URL is a bit slower because it has to go through the PHP stack.
PODLOVE_DISABLE_IMAGE_CACHESet to true to disable image caching and resizing. Last resort if your setup appears to be unable to serve images like episode images and contrubutor avatars. Undesirable as all images will be served full size instead of optimized.