Plugin Info

Contributors: Gerrit van Aaken, Simon Waldherr, Eric Teubert, Frank Hase
Tags: podcasting, podlove, html5audio, audio, video, podcast, player
Requires at least: 3.4.0
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Stable tag: 2.0.4
License: BSD 2-Clause License
License URI:

HTML5 based audio/video player, focused on podcasts and similar media blogs. It supports chapters, deeplinks, captions and even more.

The Podlove Web Player can be used as player for ppp as well as stand alone player.


The Podlove Web Player is built upon the MediaElement.js library. Check out for more information on that.

Most of the icons are from Font-Awesome. The plugin architecture was originally forked from the [Video.js plugin](, but heavily adopted since then.


  1. Upload the podlove-web-player folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Use the [podlovevideo] or [podloveaudio] shortcode in your post or page with the options on the front page.
  4. Visit the options page

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I configure the player’s appearance?

Just use the shortcode options that are described on this FAQ page!


This location of any audio or video file, local ore remote:

[podloveaudio src=""]

The media type of the resource:

[podlovevideo src="" type="video/mp4"]
mp4 / webm / ogg

The location of a file with a specific video type:

[podlovevideo mp4="mymedia.mp4" webm="mymedia.webm" ogg="mymedia.ogv"]
mp4 / mp3 / ogg / opus
[podloveaudio mp4="mymedia.m4a" mp3="mymedia.mp3" ogg="mymedia.oga" opus="mymedia.opus"]

The location of the poster frame for the video (or cover image for the rich audio player):

\[podlovevideo poster=""] [podloveaudio poster=""]

The width of the video (or the audio player):

[podlovevideo width="640"]

The height of the video:

[podlovevideo height="264"]

Loops the video or audio when it ends:

\[podlovevideo src="" loop="true"]

Start loading the video as soon as possible, before the user clicks play. This might not work on all browsers.

[podloveaudio preload="true"]

Start playing the video as soon as it’s ready. This might not work on all (mobile) devices.

[podlovevideo autoplay="true"]

Disables the fullscreen button for video:

[podlovevideo fullscreen="false"]

Enables display of duration without having to load the media file. Use seconds or timecode as a unit:

[podlovevideo duration="3522"] [podloveaudio duration="00:58:42"]

Displays the time in 00:00:00 instead of 00:00. Default is “true”.

[podloveaudio alwaysShowHours="false"]

Defines whether the player control bar is permanently visible. For videos, it might be suitable to fade the controls out when not hovering the video.

[podlovevideo alwaysShowControls="false"]

Disables the volume slider:

[podloveaudio volume="false"]

Disables the progress bar:

[podlovevideo progress="false"]

URL to a WebVTT captions file:

\[podlovevideo captions=""]

Takes chapter string from the defined custom field (the standard WordPress ones) and builds an interactive chapter table. Can be referenced to an external text file, too. Chapters must be written in the following format:

00:00:00.000 Introduction
00:00:57.099 First chapter title
00:10:03.104 Second chapter title
00:12:44.625 Final chapter

[podloveaudio chapters="my_chapter_field"] [podloveaudio chapters=""]

Option for the jumplink behaviour in chapter table.

\[podloveaudio chapterlinks="all"] (default, all chapter links are clickable)
\[podloveaudio chapterlinks="buffered"] (only buffered chapters are clickable)
\[podloveaudio chapterlinks="false"] (chapters are not linked)
Rich Podlove Web Player player with meta information

If you have an audio file and use one of the following attributes, the player will sport a richer visual experience: “title”, “subtitle”, “summary”, “poster”, “permalink”. Full example:</p>

title="PWP – First show"
subtitle="We talk about this and that"
summary="Here goes a summary of the episode which should be about 256 characters long"