If you aim to contribute in any way or just use stuff we made in your own projects — here’s a good page to start.

All code we develop eventually ends up on github.com/podlove. Everthing is licensed under MIT, BSD or the like.

Standalone Projects


There are PHP libraries which will help you if you want to implement Podlove specifications / features in your own projects. They are distributed via the PHP package manager Packagist.

  • Normal Play Time: PHP parser for Normal Play Time (RFC 2326) (@Packagist, @Github)
  • Podlove Timeline: PHP library providing a toolkit to handle various timeline/chapter formats. (@Packagist, @Github)

JavaScript libraries are available on npmjs.com.


Specifications are publicly available and maintained on github.com/podlove/podlove-specifications. Feel free to contribute by commenting and sending pull requests.