Seasons allow you to group episodes. Some podcasts are inherently seasonal, for example when they follow sport-seasons. Others change their format once in a while or restart broadcasting after a summer break. The seasons module can help to realize this within the Publisher.


Once you activate the module, you will find the new menu entry “Podlove > Seasons”.

  • Title: If you leave the title empty, seasons will be named automatically. “Season 1”, “Season 2” etc.
  • Subtitle & Summary: Optional further descriptions of the season.
  • Start Date: Each season has a start date. End dates are determined automatically. The first season does not need a start date.
  • Image: Optional season image.


You can access seasons through the Template API.

List all seasons through podcast.seasons or access the season of an episode through episode.season. For a list of all season attributes, see Template Reference: Season.