#PodloveWebPlayer Font

This webfont is generated by http://fontello.com open source project.

##Comments on archive content

  • /font/* - fonts in different formats

  • /css/* - different kinds of css, for all situations. Should be ok with twitter bootstrap. Also, you can skip <i> style and assign icon classes directly to text elements, if you don’t mind about IE7.

  • demo.html - demo file, to show your webfont content

  • LICENSE.txt - license info about source fonts, used to build your one.

  • config.json - keeps your settings. You can import it back to fontello anytime, to continue your work

##Why so many CSS files ?

Because we like to fit all your needs :)

  • basic file, podlovefont.css - is usually enougth, in contains @font-face and character codes definition

  • *-ie7.css - if you need IE7 support, but still don’t wish to put char codes directly into html

  • *-codes.css and *-ie7-codes.css - if you like to use your own @font-face rules, but still wish to benefit of css generation. That can be very convenient for automated assets build systems. When you need to update font - no needs to manually edit files, just override old version with archive content. See fontello source codes for example.

  • *-embedded.css - basic css file, but with embedded WOFF font, to avoid CORS issues in Firefox and IE9+, when fonts are hosted on the separate domain. We strongly recommend to resolve this issue by Access-Control-Allow-Origin server headers. But if you ok with dirty hack - this file is for you. Note, that data url moved to separate @font-face to avoid problems with <IE9, when string is too long.

  • animate.css - use it to get ideas about spinner rotation animation.

##Attention for server setup

You MUST setup server to reply with proper mime-types for font files. In other case, some browsers will fail to show fonts.

Usually, apache already has necessary settings, but nginx and other webservers should be tuned. Here is list of mime types for our file extentions:

  • application/vnd.ms-fontobject - eot
  • application/x-font-woff - woff
  • application/x-font-ttf - ttf
  • image/svg+xml - svg